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Lawson Heights
Centre Mall

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Wigs Galore at Hairstyle Inn Centre Saskatoon

Did you know the Centre Mall location carries a wide variety of high quality wigs?

Wigs are a great way to boost your confidence and feel truly amazing about your appearance by completely changing your look. We also offer compassionate help with assisting cancer patients or those who are undergoing procedures in which hair loss may be involved. We provide a comfortable and private setting for trying on different wigs which makes the process of purchasing a wig easier and a lot more satisfactory. Not only do we carry a variety of wigs in a wide range of styles and colors on a regular basis, but we can work with you to find a wig best suited to your needs and have one brought in specially for you. Here are a few of the styles we currently have in stock. Stop by the Centre Location to view the full range we have available.

All wigs currently in stock will be priced at 25% off and all special order wigs will be 10% off!