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Tips for Changing your Hairstyle!



Hairstyle Inn Salons is a family run Saskatoon hairdressing and salon business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. The design team members have trained thousands of stylists and they are regularly used by major manufacturers to showcase their color, cut and texture design techniques.  We are Trusted Saskatoon Salons


Uninspired by your own hair and lusting after those cute messy bobs you keep seeing around? We’ve all been there, right? Stuck in hair — and stuck in life. When your hair doesn’t feel right, nothing seems to go well. Something tells you that it’s time for a major change. Well, a good haircut or color can catap   ult you into rockstar status. And, this kind of confidence boost can get you out of your rut.

There are so many tips to remember before changing your hair. Will you get sick of the hairstyle? Can you change it with few issues if you don’t like it? Most importantly, how will it look on you? The next time you’re thinking about a drastic haircut, consider these tips before changing your hair!

1. Think One Year from Now

Will you be sick of this hairstyle a year from now? Depending on how drastic this hairstyle change is, you may still have this hairstyle a year from now. If you think you may be sick of this hairstyle a year or so from now, it’s probably best to keep thinking about it for a little bit longer before changing your hair. You could even go for a less drastic change if you’re not fully ready to commit just yet!

 2. Is It Permanent?

Just how permanent is this change you’re wanting to make? If you have dark hair and want to bleach it out to eventually dye or tone it a crazy color, you have to consider just how permanent that is. Bleaching strips your hair of its natural color. Are you ready for something that permanent?

3. Are You Equipped to Handle This Hairstyle?

You may be used to an easy “blow-dry and go” style, and you may be committing to a style that’s not as easy. Make sure you have the time, tools, and patience to commit to a new style that could completely change your morning routine. After you’ve figured that out, embrace your new hairstyle!

4. Will This Work for You?

How will your new hairstyle look on you? If you can’t picture it without the help of some visuals, do a few Google searches to find a virtual hair salon to try out the new style.You’ll never know for sure until you see it on yourself, so look for a website that lets you virtually try it out!

Hairstyle Inn Salons is a family run Saskatoon hairdressing and salon business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. Your Trusted SASKATOON SALONS. There are 2 large locations in the Saskatoon , both convenient mall locations with free parking. All of the staff are so highly trained and you never have to struggle to get an appointment to look your best …what more do you need to hear?… call and book a cut or custom colour today!