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What you need to know before going blonde this summer!

Hairstyle Inn Salons is a family run Saskatoon hairdressing and salon business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. The design team members have trained thousands of stylists and they are regularly used by major manufacturers to showcase their color, cut and texture design techniques.

Going Blonde ?

Is it true that blondes have more fun? Well, it’s tough to say, but you can for sure say that they get a lot of attention! It’s hard not for your eyes to turn and check-out that blonde bombshell walking past you.


With summer quickly approaching many girls (and guys, too!) are thinking that now is the perfect time to change up their hair color to a fun, bright, blonde shade. Whether it be with a tonne of blonde highlights or babylights, balayaging, ombres or a super ashy silver blonde, summer seems to be the hottest time to make it happen!

It goes without saying that blonde isn’t the color for everyone. If you had blonde(ish) hair as a child it’s safe to say that you definitely have the skin-tone to pull it off today. However, certain shades of blonde are not ideal for everyone. Icy or ashy blonde tones are best suited for a porcelain skin color, creamy blondes work best for those with darker skin-tones, whereas those platinum or fashion blonde colors tend to work on most skin-tones  but it’s extremely high-fashion and your hair has to always be “on point” or you might swing more on the trailer-trash spectrum of the blonde color wheel (someone had to say it).


With all of that aside, there are definitely a few things to consider before going blonde. It can be a bit of process, and it’s good to know and consider a few of these tips and points before sitting down in the stylist’s chair and starting the transformation!

1) It’s a lot easier for someone with a naturally darker blonde hair-color to lighten their hair to an even more intense blonde, especially platinum. If your color is naturally brown or much darker you might want to consider starting with highlights and working your way up from there!

2) Do not box color your hair hair blonde. Ever. Seriously. Remember that trailer-trash look we’ve already been over?


Unless this is the look you’re going for, this is definitely a job for the professionals! And even if this is the look you’re hoping to achieve, it’s probably still in your best interest to let a professional do the work to make sure your hair is lifted and toned safely to avoid your haircut having to turn into a buzzcut!

3) Be prepared to know that you might need cut some hair off! If a long blonde look is what you’re going for keep in mind that hair below the bra-strap is often four years old, could have old color existing on it, and could be lacking the strength needed to get that blonde bombshell color you’re wanting! This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to definitely consider when starting the process.


4) Everyone’s hair lifts differently. Some people’s hair will bleach out effortlessly while some people may not achieve the same lift. These people won’t achieve a bright platinum blonde in one sitting. Your hair can only handle so much bleach, so as professionals we can’t damage and sacrifice the integrity of your hair. Going blonde can take baby steps! So be prepared for a few visits to salon before that look you really want is achieved.


5) Be prepared for the “blonde budget!” This can start right in the chair. A lot of people will need a double process just to start the blonde transformation, plus if you use an Olaplex treatment in the color, which we highly suggest (Olaplex allows you to achieve blonde a lot more safely, it works as a treatment for the hair while it’s lifting to avoid damaging the hair, and it also gets your blonde even BLONDER) that’s an extra charge on your service, as well. Purple shampoo is also going to be your new best friend. Purple shampoo is used to eliminate that horrible brassy, golden color that we all want to avoid that can happen as your blonde ages. Again, because bleach is damaging your stylist may also suggest an at-home treatment to keep the hair good and healthy. You’ll also notice that you might need more visits to the salon to upkeep the blonde, especially if you’re coming from a darker color (HELLO, roots!). If you’re hoping for something that’s less maintenance perhaps an Ombre is the way to go!


Now that you know everything you need to know about going blonde get out there and make it happen! The world needs more of you fabulous blonde bombshells!


The Hairstyle Inn Salons are a fun, fresh & locally owned salon group with two Saskatoon Salon locations. Our 38 member creative team make up one of Saskatchewan’s premier cut, colour and design salon groups and we have been styling Saskatchewan for over 35 years.