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New Year, New Look! Hairstyles from Hairstyle Inn Saskatoon salons

Hairstyle Inn Saskatoon Salons were thrilled to have Shaw TV stop by to see some new hair trends for 2016 in their “New Year, New Look” segment! We had a blast spending the morning with them going over some great techniques, styles, and colors that are fresh and trendy ways to switch up your look in the new year!

The first video in the segment shows¬†Saskatoon salons stylist Laddie demonstrating a unique technique to add volume for those with fine hair. A great way to add that extra ‘va-va-voom’ for those with fine, thin hair. Just because your hair is fine doesn’t mean it has to be flat and boring!

The next video in the segment shows Michelle demonstrating some beautiful, unique – but easy – styles to keep your hairstyle diverse in the new year! Say goodbye to the boring, worn-out ponytail look!

And finally, Shelley showed how easy it is to add in a fresh pop of color to add some playfulness to your look. Tired of the same old blonde hilights? Why not try pink!Choose Trusted Saskatoon Salons you can count on! 

Thanks so much to Shaw for stopping by our Saskatoon Salons ! It was great having you!!

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