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Hairstyle Inn Salons Trusted Saskatoon salons for colour, grad hair with best stylists

Hairstyle Inn Salons for Saskatoon Graduation and Prom Hair

Hairstyle Inn Salons should be your first choice for styles and updo’s for graduations and prom in Saskatoon! You can be confident we are up on the latest hair styles, whether it’s a retro look, runway look or a celebrity style. Our 38 member creative team make up one of Saskatchewan’s premier cut, colour and design salon groups, and we have been styling Saskatchewan for over 35 years. Check out our Saskatoon salon gallery for event hair! 

Hairstyle Inn Salons for Saskatoon Graduation and Prom Hair


10 Beauty Dos and Don’ts 

1. DO Choose a Classic ‘Do

For events like this, celebrity hairstylist and owner of C The Salon in Studio City, Claudio Lazo, recommends opting for a classic hairdo. “You want your hair to be timeless so that when you pull out old photographs 20 years from now, you won’t be embarrassed to share them. Use clean lines, keep it simple and most of all, try not to stray too far from your comfort zone. Also, stay age appropriate. You don’t want to be 17 trying to look a tacky 27. It’s your high school prom, and you’re a high school girl! Don’t try to be too adult.”

2. DON’T Hit the Tanning Booth

According to board certified dermatologist and founder of Art of DermatologyDr. Jessica Krant, many states have now made it illegal for minors to use artificial UV beds to tan. “Getting a spray tan or applying a self tanning lotion is your best bet.” Or, you could always consider going with your lovely natural tone. “Peaches and cream skin means youth and freshness and should be celebrated more often.”

3. DO Keep Your Beauty Routine Consistent

In the two weeks leading up to prom, it’s important to keep your beauty routine consistent and not make any major changes, advises Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in the department of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. “Now is not the time to try out a new pimple or anti-aging cream because you don’t want to develop a reaction, leaving your skin irritated.”

4. DON’T Go for a Dark Lip

Predicting a steamy makeout session on the way to prom? Then avoid a red or dark lip at all costs! “Anything that messes up easily or requires precision, time-consuming reapplication is a definite no-no,” says celebrity makeup artist Melissa Silver, who often works with Maybelline New York.

5. DO Wax Your Brows at Least a Day in Advance

Brows are a big part of your beauty look, and no girl wants to appear unkempt at prom. That’s why you should wax your eyebrows at least 24 hours in advance, warns Alley Laundry, “Waxing Guru” for Parissa. “This will ensure your skin has enough time to calm down if you tend to get any redness or sensitivity.

6. DON’T Wear Body Glitter

This is a big beauty don’t, warns David’s Bridal Style Council member, Carmen Ordonez. “Instead, look for lotions that do have some shimmer. This will give you the perfect amount of glow.” You should also avoid glitter-based eye shadows, as you are likely to end up with glitter all over your cheeks (and your date!) by the end of the night, adds Jamie Kern, founder of IT Cosmetics.

7. DO Eat the Right Foods to Reduce Bloating

Let’s be real, no girl wants to look or feel bloated, especially on her prom night! So stick to foods that reduce bloating and avoid those that cause it, recommends board certified health coach and yoga instructor, Justine Thorner. “Cucumbers, vegetables, grapes, Greek yogurt, watermelon, avocados and almonds are all great choices to reduce bloating, while you should definitely steer clear of coffee, salt, artificial sweeteners, junk food, dairy and fizzy drinks.”

8. DON’T Opt for Dewy Skin

Although NY-based dermatologist and Clean & Clear advisor Dr. Whitney Boweis typically a huge fan of dewy skin, she says there’s one exception to that rule: when you plan on taking photos at an event! “This is the time for oil control unless you want to look greasy in all your pics.” Umm, absolutely not! “Use a shine control mask the night before. And look for one with rice protein technology, which is even better at absorbing oil than clay.”

*Note: “If your skin is looking oily right before you’re pulled into a picture, you can always use the back of your hands to blot away oil, points out e.l.f. Cosmetics Creative Director Achelle Dunaway.

9. Do Pack a Touchup Kit

To ensure gorgeousness on the dance floor all night long, make sure you pack a touchup kit with lipstick, blotting papers, bobby pins, travel size deodorant and breath mints, suggests Pamela Jeschonek, licensed esthetician and founder of EybrowMBA. “If you have a serious updo, a small bottle of hairspray will be put to good use after a few spins out there.”

10. DON’T Overdo It

Whether it be with the mile-high hair or the over-the-top blue eye shadow, definitely don’t overdo it, advises celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth. “Subtle is the key word here. Plus, natural beauty photographs so much better, and that crazy eye shadow will be something you laugh at years down the road.”

Hairstyle Inn Salons are a family run Saskatoon hairdressing and salon business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. Our design team members have trained thousands of stylists and we are regularly used by major manufacturers to showcase their color, cut and texture design techniques. Hairstyle Inn Salons are Trusted SASKATOON SALONS