Hairstyle Inn Salon Family at Lawson Heights Mall

We create the best hair with
international flair combined with local care.

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Hairstyle Inn Salon Family at Lawson Heights Mall


Hairstyle Inn Salons is a family run business with three generations of artistic hair design. We have two locations in Saskatoon and one in Prince Albert. Our team is made up of 38 creative members, making us one of Saskatchewan’s premier cut, colour and design groups and we have been styling Saskatchewan for over 35 years. The demonstrated quality of our salon work has made Hairstyle Inn Salons team sought after as design experts in many venues outside the salon.

Hairstyle Inn Salon Family at Lawson Heights Mall

Christmas is a time we spend with family and, here at the Hairstyle Inn, we love our salon family! Our Lawson location is made up of 17 amazing individuals! You can feel the positive atmosphere as soon as you walk through our doors. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand to their team members to make everyone’s day go as smoothly as possible.  You will see stylists collaborating with one another to determine the best outcome for our clients. It is clear that our team loves one another! Learn more about our Hairstyle Inn Lawson team today! 

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We are open during the Lawson Heights holiday mall hours for your ultimate convenience! December is a busy time here at the Hairstyle Inn so we recommend pre-booking to ensure your style is fresh for the holidays!